A Sub-Group meeting of the Greenstone Support for South Asia Advisory Committee was organised on February 21, 2007 at the Documentation Research and Training Centre (DRTC) in Bangalore. The following members participated:

* 1. Ms. K.T. Anuradha
* 2. Prof. K.S. Raghavan
* 3. Dr. John Rose (who was visiting India as liaison for the Greenstone team in New Zealand).

Three special invitees from DRTC also participated: Prof. I.K. Ravichandra Rao, Dr. A.R.D. Prasad and Dr. Devika Madalli.

Dr. M.G. Sreekumar, coordinator of the network, was unable to attend due to an assignment abroad, but prepared the discussion paper for the meeting.

The meeting discussed the following:
1. Report on Activities, Achievements & Plans
2. Report on the I.I.Sc. Advanced Workshop on GSDL (December 2007)
3. South Asian language interfaces
3. Report on the Greenstone Survey
4. GSOI Feasibility Study
5. The way forward / Activities for 2008-2009

Dr. Anuradha was congratulated for the excellent advanced training workshop organised at I.I.Sc. A similar workshop with regional participation will be planned for spring 2009 as part of an intensified Greenstone skill-development programme in different parts of India. The development of interfaces for South Asian languages will continue to receive priority, in conjunction with renewed efforts to promote the prerequisite acquisition and processing local language content.

The Greenstone user survey in India and the feasibility study on an Indian Greenstone support organisation, which had been expected to be finished in 2007 as a framework for further progress in India and a springboard for a broader participative collaboration in South Asia, are now foreseen to be completed in 2008. In the meantime, a basic Greenstone handbook for use in schools of library and information science will be initiated, and efforts to bring other Asian countries into the network will be intensified.

Our three special invitees have agreed to become Advisory Committee members and we heartily welcome their continuing contributions in this capacity.