Greenstone Support for South Asia has been launched

The Greenstone Digital Library Software ( is an Open Source package for building and distributing Digital Libraries, which has been developed by the University of Waikato, New Zealand. Greenstone is supported by the UNESCO and the Human Info NGO Belgium for spreading the benefits of this software to developing countries. Greenstone is a powerful and flexible software which is of great potential interest to libraries and information centers and other public and private institutions in South Asia.

This support effort is undertaken by the CDDL at IIM Kozhikode in collaboration with the Digital Library Network South Asia and the Greenstone development team in order to ensure effective promotion and support for Greenstone in South Asia.

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Workshops Coordinated by Greenstonesupport, IIMK

UGC Sponsored National Workshop on "E-Resource Management using Greenstone Digital Library Software" at Tinsukia Commerce College Tinsukia, September 25-27, 2015

Three day National Workshop on Open Source Software: Greenstone Digital Library (GSDL_ - Basic " at College of Engineering, Peruman, June 13-15, 2015

International Workshop on Digital Libraries using Greenstone at Kozhikode-
August 20-24, 2012

Workshop on Greenstone Digital Libraries at Kozhikode -
December 13-17, 2010

6-Day International Workshop on Greenstone Digital Libraries at Kozhikode -
November 23 - 28, 2009

IIMK - Workshop on Greenstone Digital Library Software at Kozhikode, Kerala -
December 08 - 13, 2008

IIMK - Workshop on Greenstone Digital Library Software at Kozhikode, Kerala -
November 26 - December 1, 2007

UNESCO-NSF Workshop at Colombo, Sri Lanka - March 21-24, 2007

CMC-MALA Regional Workshop on Greenstone, at Vellore, Tamilnadu, Feb 8-10,2007

6-Day International Workshop on Greenstone Digital Library Software, Dec 2006

Greenstone Support Organization for India (GSOI)

This Website and the accompanying Electronic Discussion and Support Forum (E-List) is the first step in the establishment of a Greenstone Support Organization for India (GSOI). To this end, the CDDL is coordinating the development of a network of Greenstone users and a feasibility study on GSOI under the supervision of an Advisory Committee.

Invitation to Greenstone Users in South Asia

Greenstone users and prospective users in South Asia are cordially invited to make use of this site and its associated services as an initial support effort in the region. Greenstone users in other South Asian countries are also invited to join the Greenstone support group which answers user questions on the E-List.

Options and potential for developing a South Asian Greenstone Support Network will be discussed at the South Asian Greenstone Training Workshop to be organized at IIMK in 2006 with UNESCO support.

Service Approach

This site will act as the single window to the activities, resources and support for Greenstone in the Region. An Electronic Discussion and Support Forum (E-List) has been established, and contributions can be submitted by email to . Those wishing to receive the E-list should send their Name, Name of their Institution and Email address to Ms.T. Sunitha - (who should also be contacted on questions and its procedures). The E-list archive will soon be available on this site.

The Indian Network extends online guidance and support for setting up Greenstone based DLs voluntarily. All members of the E-List are invited to actively participate in the discussions. In order to facilitate the list, an initial core of Greenstone support specialists has been formed to ensure that all queries are answered, and will be extended as other specialists join..

The South Asian Support Team will reply to queries from SouthAsia on the main Greenstone discussion lists and post them to both the originating list and the South Asian E-List. Questions originating on the South Asian E-List will be answered on this list and, if of general interest, copied to the appropriate Greenstone main list.

If South Asian users are in addition interested in subscribing to the main Greenstone lists, this can be done at for the Greenstone Users List and for the Greenstone Developers list.